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Stainless Steel Quilting Pins & washers

Stainless Steel quilting pins and washers are used for thermal insulation products, like expansion joints and removable-reusable thermal insulation jackets, installation of rockwool (mineral wool), glasswool etc..

Stainless Steel Quilting Pins & Washers

Generally stainless steel quilting pins and washers are used as accessories for the fabrication of our other products: silicone coated fiberglass cloth, e-glass needled mat, stainless steel knitted stocking mesh, also for installation of rockwool (mineral wool) and glasswool, etc. in thermal insulation projects.

Quilting Pins

Both standard edge and folded edge are available, as below:

Standard Edge Quilting Pin
Folded Edge Quilting Pin

Typical specifications of quilting pins & washers

  • Material: 304 stainless steel;
  • Pin length: 65mm or 115mm;
  • Pin diameter: 2mm;
  • Base diameter: 30mm;
  • Hook base thickness: 0.4mm;
  • Washer diameter: 25mm or 30mm;
  • Washer thickness: 0.4mm

Other specifications of quilting pins and washers are available upon requirements.

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